A Sequoyah School education challenges the mind, nurtures the heart and celebrates human dignity.

Seeking a Career at Sequoyah

Sequoyah School has a rich history of diversity and seeks candidates to enhance that tradition. Sequoyah offers competitive salary and benefits.

TO APPLY: See specific instructions in each job listing below.

We are a community of learners.

Sequoyah School is an independent K-12 day school located in Pasadena, California.

In 1958, Sequoyah’s founders sought to create a school community which was comprised of a broad spectrum of socioeconomic backgrounds and which offered a thoughtful alternative to standardized classroom teaching.

The school recently expanded its highly regarded elementary and junior high program to 9-12 grades. The high school campus is located just a few miles from the K-8 campus.

Sequoyah offers an innovative college-preparatory curriculum in a student-centered, experiential, humanistic environment. The school maintains a low student-to-teacher ratio and a developmentally appropriate program from elementary grades through high school, so that attention may be continually focused on a student’s social and emotional growth and academic progress.

Sequoyah’s Values

Sequoyah seeks to understand each student’s abilities, personality characteristics, and the pursuits in which they are likely to find the deepest satisfaction. Students at Sequoyah know that their voices matter in the world and that their acts of stewardship make the community a better place for all. Prompted to engage with important issues of the day and to consider multiple perspectives, they develop empathy and the knowledge and skills to become effective citizens.

Sequoyah’s Habits of Mind promote constructive dialogue, active listening, and self-reflection. These principles guide relations between all members of our school community and help us to develop strong connections between a student’s life at school and at home.

Teaching and Learning

Sequoyah’s teachers possess the expertise to develop curriculum and to apply strategies that foster critical and creative thinking, inquiry, and application; and they are invited and encouraged to bring their talents and interests to the classroom. Administrators work alongside faculty to develop a culture that values multiple perspectives to broaden understanding, address challenges, and identify opportunities. A professional development program informs shared practices throughout K-12.

Our students are expected to participate in their own learning and to collaborate with their fellow students. As they progress through elementary, junior high and high school programs, they are introduced to subject areas and skills in a variety of ways and with an emphasis on the interconnectedness of disciplines. Sequoyah prepares its students for their future by helping them learn to respect diversity, to be resilient when their convictions are challenged, and to sustain a strong sense of self in relation to others. Our graduates are known for their intellectual curiosity and engagement in the world beyond their classrooms.

Sequoyah’s Habits of Mind encompass a broadened definition of expected school-wide learning results. Faculty and staff are expected to incorporate these same principles in their work as members of the school community.

A Place-Based Approach:
Stewardship and Active Citizenship

Sequoyah’s placed-based approach to education utilizes the surrounding community as the context for teaching. Education is regarded as a preparation for active citizenship, while reinforcing the skills for continuing scholarship. In the youngest elementary years, a focus on students’ immediate surroundings engages their natural curiosity. On field trips and camping trips at each grade level, Sequoyah students are immersed in local heritage, culture, landscape, and are presented with real world questions relevant to their own experience and interests. This emphasis on social justice, and the application of knowledge and skills to contemporary issues extends into high school, where all students participate in an innovative social impact program.

Sequoyah’s Community

The Sequoyah School community honors and reflects the ethnic, cultural and economic diversity of Southern California. Sequoyah’s student and family population represents a diversity of ethnic backgrounds and cultural experience. The school draws its enrollment from neighborhoods across the city of Los Angeles and throughout the San Gabriel Valley.

Sequoyah’s commitment to the principals of mutual respect, inclusion and equity inform the admissions process and tuition structure. Sequoyah dedicates a significant portion of operating revenue to support its indexed tuition program. About 30-40% of students will qualify and be assigned a tuition level below the maximum.

Sequoyah’s History

In 1958, Sequoyah’s founders established a school community comprised of a broad spectrum of family backgrounds and offered a thoughtful alternative to standardized classroom teaching. For more than 50 years, the school has provided an education based on distinctive values, aspirations, and research-based practices. Sequoyah’s governing principles assert a commitment to the diversity of its community. The school honors and reflects the ethnic, cultural, and economic diversity of Southern California.

A California 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Sequoyah is accredited by California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) and is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). Sequoyah is an Ashoka Changemaker School, and a member of the Independent Curriculum Group.

Learn more on our About Sequoyah page.

Opportunities at Sequoyah

Sequoyah School has a rich history of diversity and seeks candidates to enhance that tradition.
Sequoyah offers competitive salary and benefits.

TO APPLY: See specific instructions in job listings below.

Technology Support Specialist (K-12)

Full Job Description

The Technology Department is integrated with all functions of the School. The Technology Support Specialist (TSS) responds to phone calls, emails or in-person requests as the initial contact for all computer questions/problems on campus for faculty, staff, and students; and tracks and monitors issues to ensure a timely resolution. As a member of the Technology Department, the TSS also provides support to the Director of Technology on projects related to academic programming and administrative functions; as well as collaborating and brainstorming, while modeling best practices within the department and the school community.

Position starts July 2017
Full-time – July to August
Part-time – September to June
Monday – Friday, hours TBD (schedule may be flexible for students)
This position may become full-time during the school year as the department grows.

Requires reliable transportation to travel between two campus sites.

TO APPLY: Please email resume and cover letter to Jean-Philippe Fontaine, Director of Technology. Please include “Technology Support Specialist” in the subject line of your email.

Daycare Staff

Full Job Description

Daycare staff members (K-8) are responsible for providing after-school student supervision through engagement in activities, games, arts & crafts, learning, and play.

This is a part-time position: 20 hours per week, 2:30–6:30 p.m., Monday – Friday, and during daytime and evening meetings, special events, and teacher in-service days.

TO APPLY: Please email Kelsey Wetmore, Director of Daycare and After-School Activities, and include your resume and a cover letter. Your cover letter should detail why you are interested in this position and why you think you would be a good fit for Sequoyah. Please include “Daycare Staff” in the subject line of your email.

Sequoyah School has a rich history of diversity and seeks candidates to enhance that tradition.
Sequoyah offers competitive salary and benefits.

TO APPLY: See specific instructions in job listings above.

Sequoyah School

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K-8 Campus Map

High School Campus (9-12)
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Monday– Friday
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Business Office
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