A Sequoyah School education challenges the mind, nurtures the heart and celebrates human dignity.

Sequoyah School

626 795 4351


Elementary and Junior High Campus (K-8)
626 795 4351
Fax 626 795 8773
535 S Pasadena Ave
Pasadena CA 91105-3001
Monday–Thursday 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.
K-8 Admissions


K-8 Campus Map

Daycare & After-School Programs
626 243 0404
Monday–Thursday 3:30–6:00 p.m.
Friday 3:15–6:00 p.m.

K-8 School Questions?

Call or email K-8 School Office Manager Betty Chavez with general (non-admissions) questions.

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Betty has her finger on the pulse of Sequoyah School; and she has a bandage for any finger with a boo-boo, as well.


High School Campus (9-12)
626 441 2076
301 N Orange Grove Bl
Pasadena CA 91103
Monday–Friday 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
High School Website
High School Admissions

High School Campus Map

Business Office
626 795 4351 x218
640 St. John Ave
Pasadena CA 91105
Monday–Thursday 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
Friday 8:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.

High School Questions?

Call or email High School Admissions Associate Patricia Han with any questions.

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Patricia can provide you with any general or admissions information you need – always with a smile.


Sequoyah Quick Facts

Location Sequoyah School is located on two campuses in Pasadena, California; 20 minutes north of downtown Los Angeles
Grade Levels Elementary & Junior High (K-8)
Entry age – 5 years old by September 1

High School (9-12)

Heritage Sequoyah School was founded in 1958. The name of the school reflects the love of books and reading that inspires lifelong learning.
Logo Sequoyah School’s logo was inspired by a Cherokee symbol. We chose the open hand for its confident illustration of Sequoyah’s hands-on approach to education.
Sports Team Mascot The Gryphon

Sequoyah Gryphons

After-School Sports Flag Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Mountain Biking
After-School Enrichment Activities Sequoyah’s enrichment program offers students opportunities to follow their interests and build their skills in focused, small-group classes. A variety of subjects are offered such as chess, capoeira, woodworking, music, movie making, and debate team, to name a few.
K-8 Daycare K-8 campus opens at 7:30 a.m.
Before-school care is provided from 7:30 a.m. until classes start. After-school care is provided from 30 minutes after classes end until 6:00 p.m.
Diversity Students of Color – 51.7%

African American – 7%
Asian American – 6%
European American/
Caucasian – 37%
American – 13%
Middle Eastern
American – 0.7%
Multiracial American – 25%
Other – 0.7%
International – 0.3%
Not Available – 10%

Indexed Tuition – 30-40% of Families

Religious Affiliation None
Uniform None
Top Tuition for 2017-2018 K-8: $25,500
High School: $29,150
K-8 Parent Participation Requirements Two-parent Families –
20 hours/year
One-parent Families –
10 hours/year

Why is our school named Sequoyah?

Learn more.

. . .

Find out about Sequoyah, the distinguished Cherokee leader who inspired the name of our school.


School Policies that Relate to Employee Interactions with Students

The California Education Code requires schools to provide sections related to employee interactions with students in its code of conduct to parents and guardians of enrolled students on the school’s website. Employees are strictly forbidden from any fraternizing, dating and/or consensual romantic/sexual relationships (collectively referred to as “personal relationships”) with students under any circumstances.

Accreditations & Associations

Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

National Association of Independent School (NAIS)

California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS)

Independent Curriculum Group (ICG)

Progressive Educators Network (PEN)

Ashoka Changemaking School

EdLeader 21

Awards & Accomplishments

Outstanding Recycler Award – City of Pasadena

Creative Design Award for Renovation of a Historic Property – Pasadena Beautiful

Schoolyard Habitat Program – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Honor Design Award – American Institute of Architects

Meet Our Faculty & Staff


  • sequoyah-school-josh-brody-director
    Josh Brody
    Head of School
  • sequoyah-school-azizi-wiliams-admissions-director
    Azizi Williams
    Assistant Head of School
  • sequoyah-school-marc-alongi-director-high-school
    Marc Alongi
    High School Director
  • carolyn-stirling-admissions-director
    Carolyn Stirling
    Director of Admissions
  • sequoyah-school-emily-singer-curriculum-director
    Emily Singer
    Director of Curriculum
    & Student Support
  • sequoyah-school-james-cooper-business-manager
    James Cooper
    Chief Financial Officer
  • sequoyah-school-randy-bunnao-communications-director
    Randy Bunnao
    Director of
  • sequoyah-school-ryan-mcdaniel-director-advancement
    Ryan McDaniel
    Director of
  • sequoyah-school-sal-lagunas-facilities-director
    Sal Lagunas
    Director of Operations
    & Facilities
  • sequoyah-school-brian-eagen-field-studies-director
    Brian Eagen
    Director of
    Field Studies
  • sequoyah-school-zed-kelley-director-technology
    Zed Kelley
    Director of
  • sequoyah-school-dornel-cerro-library
    Dornel Cerro
    Head Librarian
  • sequoyah-school-amber-gravely-athletic-director
    Amber Gravely
    Athletic Director
  • sequoyah-school-RJ-Sakai-high-school-director-of-social-innovation-program
    RJ Sakai
    Director of
    Social Innovation
  • sequoyah-high-school-Elsa-von-Heydenreich-Director-of-College-Counseling
    Elsa von Heydenreich
    Director of
    College Counseling
  • sequoyah-school-mason-kay-daycare-director
    Mason Kaye
    Director of K-8 Daycare &
    After-School Programs
  • sequoyah-school-carolina-arango-K-12-Student-Support-Coordinator
    Carolina Arango
    Student Support
  • sequoyah-school-Lee-Michael-Krieger-field-studies
    Lee Michael Krieger
    Field Studies
  • sequoyah-school-kay-yamamoto-admissions
    Kay Yamamoto
    K-12 Advancement Associate &
    K-8 Admissions Associate
  • sequoyah-school-eileen-lee-development
    Eileen Lee
    K-12 Advancement
  • sequoyah-school-dennis-escobedo-administrative-assistant
    Dennis Escobedo
    Administrative Assistant
    to Head of School
  • sequoyah-school-betty-chavez-secretary
    Betty Chavez
    K-8 School Office Manager, Operations
  • sequoyah-school-patricia-han-associate-high-school
    Patricia Han
    High School Admissions Associate
  • sequoyah-school-patricia-han-associate-high-school
    Debbie Deems
    High School Administrative Assistant
  • sequoyah-school-malena-senior-accountant
    Senior Accountant
  • sequoyah-school-tina-business-office-associate
    Business Office Associate

K-8 Faculty

  • sequoyah-school-jennie-halzell-bamboo-teacher
    Jenny Hazell
    Bamboo Forest Lead
  • sequoyah-school-alex-gaffney-bamboo-teacher
    Alex Gaffney
    Bamboo Forest Associate
  • sequoyah-school-lauren-arroyo-pond-teacher
    Lauren Arroyo
    Pond Lead
  • sequoyah-school-erin-bates-pond-teacher
    Erin Bates
    Pond Associate
  • sequoyah-school-renee-brody-backyard-teacher
    Renee Brody
    Backyard Lead
  • sequoyah-school-christophe-boullonois-backyard-teacher
    Christophe Boullonnois
    Backyard Associate
  • sequoyah-school-jeff-radt-nest-teacher
    Jeff Radt
    Nest Lead
  • sequoyah-school-dyane-wilson-nest-teacher
    Dyane Wilson
    Nest Associate
  • sequoyah-school-kim-diazi-treehouse-teacher
    Kim Diaz
    Treehouse Lead
  • sequoyah-school-joey-concialdi-treehouse-teacher
    Joey Concialdi
    Treehouse Associate
  • sequoyah-school-peter-romano-egrets-perch-teacher
    Peter Romano
    Egrets’ Perch Lead
  • laura-medley-egrets-perch-teacher
    Laura Medley
    Egret’s Perch Associate
  • sequoyah-school-maisha-key-over-there-teacher
    Maisha Key
    Over There Lead
  • sequoyah-school-elaine-chiu-out-back-teacher
    Elaine Chiu
    Out Back Lead
  • sequoyah-school-gabe-dahl-resource-teacher
    Gabe Dahl
    Over There/Out Back
  • sequoyah-school-chandy-shair-sutedent-resource-teacher
    Chad Robertson
    Over There/Out Back
    Math Specialist
  • sequoyah-school-kristen-moore-junior-high-teacher
    Kristen Moore
    Junior High Lead
  • sequoyah-school-catherine-tung-math-teacher
    Catherine Tung
    Jr. High Math Specialist
  • sequoyah-school-chandy-shair-sutedent-resource-teacher
    Chandy Shair
    Jr. High Math Resource Teacher
  • sequoyah-school-chris-colthart-history-teacher
    Chris Colthart
    Jr. High History Specialist

K-8 Specialists

  • sequoyah-school-donna-youngstrom-science-teacher
    Donna Youngstrom
  • sequoyah-school-leila-gonzales-science-teacher
    Leila Gonzalez
  • sequoyah-school-roxana-castro-spanish-specialist
    Roxana Castro
  • sequoyah-school-cristina-rubio-hignett-spanish-teacher
    Cristina Rubio Hignett
  • sequoyah-school-erin-trefry-art-teacher
    Erin Trefry
    Visual Arts
  • sequoyah-school-laurie-nye-art-teacher
    Laurie Nye
    Visual Arts
  • sequoyah-school-bob-cesario-teacher
    Bob Cesario
  • sequoyah-school-ron-mcbain-music-teacher
    Ron McBain
  • sequoyah-school-gabe-dahl-resource-teacher
    Gabe Dahl
    Physical Education
  • sequoyah-school-ben-moran-teacher
    Ben Moran
    Physical Education
  • sequoyah-school-Lee-Michael-Krieger-field-studies
    Lee Michael Krieger
    Field Studies
  • sequoyah-school-katie-williams-garden-teacher
    Katie Williams
    Garden Coordinator
  • sequoyah-school-Anais-Plasketes-human-development-teacher
    Anais Plasketes
    Human Development
  • sequoyah-school-ann-liashkov-resource-teacher
    Ann Liashkov
    Social-Emotional Specialist & Student Support
  • sequoyah-school-shari-majumder-egrets-perch-teacher
    Shari Majumder
    Library Associate

K-8 Daycare & After-School Programs Staff

  • sequoyah-school-mason-kay-daycare-director
    Mason Kaye
    K-8 Director of Daycare
    & After-School Programs
  • sequoyah-school-beatriz-rodriguez-lagunas-daycare
    Beatriz Rodriguez-Lagunas
  • sequoyah-school-omair-averette-daycare
    Omari Averette
  • sequoyah-school-dani-best-daycare
    Dani Best
  • sequoyah-school-salome-crespo-daycare
    Salome Crespo
    Daycare Staff & Cook
  • sequoyah-school-angel-lara-daycare
    Angel Lara
    Daycare Staff
  • sequoyah-school-kito-paul-daycare
    Kito Paul
    Daycare Staff
  • sequoyah-school-erik-grise-daycare
    Erik Grise
    Lunch Staff

High School Faculty

  • Ronnie-Bryan-high-school-math-science-teacher
    Ronnie Bryan
    Mathematics & Science
  • sequoyah-school-Justin Kenderes-high-school-math-Teacher
    Justin Kenderes
  • sequoyah-school-Kristine Nakada-high-school-math-Teacher
    Kristine Nakada
  • sequoyah-school-Laura-Haney-high-school-science-teacher
    Laura Haney
  • sequoyah-school-Chelsea-Confalone-high-school-biology-teacher
    Chelsea Confalone
  • sequoyah-school-Julian-Petri-high-school-humanities-teacher
    Justin Thompson
  • sequoyah-school-beatriz-ian-chang-high-school-humanities
    Ian Chang
  • sequoyah-school-Sean-Hamidi-high-school-humanities-teacher
    Sean Hamidi
  • sequoyah-school-Julian-Petri-high-school-humanities-teacher
    Julian Petri
  • sequoyah-school-Marisol-Perez-high-school-spanish-teacher
    Marisol Perez
  • sequoyah-school-Ilan-Vaisman-high-school-spanish-teacher
    Ilan Vaisman
  • sequoyah-school-peter-wallis-high-school-Visual-Arts-Teacher
    Peter Wallis
    Visual Arts
  • sequoyah-school-Viviana Palacio-high-school-Visual-Arts-Teacher
    Viviana Palacio
    Visual Arts
  • sequoyah-school-ben-ede-high-school-music-teacher
    Ben Ede
  • sequoyah-school-Arden-Thomas-high-school-theatre-arts-teacher
    Arden Thomas
    Performing Arts
  • sequoyah-school-Lee-Michael-Krieger-field-studies
    Lee Michael Krieger
    Field Studies
  • sequoyah-school-Anais-Plaketes-high-school-social-emotional-specialist.jpg
    Anais Plasketes
    Social Emotional Learning

K-12 Operations & Facilities Staff

  • sequoyah-school-sal-lagunas-facilities-director
    Sal Lagunas
    Director of Operations & Facilities
  • sequoyah-school-laura-dimas-facilities
    Laura Dimas
  • sequoyah-school-roberto-dimas-facilities
    Roberto Dimas
  • sequoyah-school-rudy-lara-facilities
    Rudy Lara
  • sequoyah-school-carlos-madrid-facilities
    Carlos Madrid
  • sequoyah-school-jake-martinez-facilities
    Jake Martinez
  • sequoyah-school-Beatriz-Piedra-facilities
    Beatriz Piedra
  • sequoyah-school-Charlene-Reyes-facilities
    Charlene Reyes

The Sequoyah School
2017-2018 Board of Trustees

Michael Barak, President
Susan North, Vice President
Stacey Mann, Secretary
Lorin Knell, Treasurer

Robert Abad
Elizabeth Camacho
Rachel Countryman
Laura Dahl
Helga Eike
Patrick Ferry
Laura Gabbert
Laura Gowen
Eryn Hoffman
Dorrie LaMarr

Ann Liashkov
Sonny Lulla
Sujal Mandavia
Gwen Owens
Debbie Reed
Neil Stevens
John Underkoffler
Brian Wilson
Luke Wood
Joyce Ybarra


To take care of people, take care of things, take care of the environment, and seek to make the community a better place for all