Tour Survey

We hope you enjoyed our tour. Please answer the following questions to help us learn more about the families who take the Sequoyah School tour and how our tour serves the community. This survey is optional, anonymous, and will not be considered in admissions decisions.

1. What are the three most important qualities you are seeking in a school environment?

2. What information did you hope to learn on our tour?

3. Did our tour provide you with that information?

4. Is there anything you would add to or change about our tour?

5. Please indicate which of the following categories best describes the applicant (optional):

 African American Asian American European American/Caucasian Latino/Hispanic American Middle Eastern American Multi-racial American (Please explain below) Native American (Tribal Certification) Pacific Islander American International (Please explain below) Other (Please explain below)

6. What language(s) is (are) spoken in the home?

7. Please describe your family structure:

8. How did you hear about Sequoyah School (check all that apply)?

 Outlook Newspaper Pasadena Quarterly Pasadena Now website KPCC Teacher/Administrator Friend/Family Other

9. Where did you find information about our tour/open house (check all that apply)?

 Outlook Newspaper Pasadena Quarterly Pasadena Now website KPCC Sequoyah School website Direct Mail postcard Other

Thank you!